CMG California, LLC. Privacy Policy


CMG Worldwide, Inc and utilizes SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology to protect transmission of sensitive information.

Personal Information

CMG California, LLC. does not collect users' personal information without their consent. By submitting information to this site the user consents to the collection and storage of supplied information. This website will retain a record of users and their information; however we will never sell personal user information to third parties. Information database becomes the property of CMG California, LLC. The Web site retains the right to use collected information in the future for mailings, alerts, and other contacts.


This Web site may use cookies as a way of transmission of temporary data and/or remembering users on repeat visits. Disabling of cookies may impair the web site function.

Statistical Information

CMG California, LLC. does use software to track certain statistical data regarding its websites. This data is not personal to the user and is used only to objectively evaluate our website so that we may better serve our website users.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies only to CMG California, LLC. and this site. This policy does not apply to affiliate websites. CMG California, LLC. cannot guarantee that affiliate websites will respect your privacy.